Monday, August 9, 2010

Sculpture Space WIP

Sculpture Space is a local arts gem in Utica, NY offering residencies for contemporary sculptors from all over the United States and across the globe (see Every several months, the work of the three or four current artists-in-residence is showcased in a "Works-In-Progess" Reception. The WIPs are wonderful events at which you not only see brand new works from accomplished artists from various places, but at which you will meet many local artists as well. The people I've met at Sculpture Space are wonderful and inspiring. Last month I attended a WIP and saw several artists' work including Jimmy Kuehnle's work (see He created this HUGE colorful, inflatable piece which can be "worn" (he walks around engulfed inside of this piece). Helping Jimmy in this photo is local collage/assemblage artist Frank Viola. I was also intrigued by the small sketches/paintings of Loren Ehrdrich (see as she takes advantage of her residency to explore new ideas. The next Works-In-Progress event is November 16th. I plan to bring my "Psychology and the Visual Arts" class there that evening. Enjoy!

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