Friday, January 29, 2010

I find that creating a title for my pieces is an important part of the total creative process in my artwork. I've decided (tentatively?) to simply call this piece "Tomatangel (1958)". The "(1958)" is part of the title of course; not an indication of the year of creation. The year comes from the fact that on the license plate of the car is the year "1958". The "Tomatangel" is a playful combination of "tomato" and "angel". I have entertained longer titles in the tradition of Dali and others; and at one point wanted to call this piece "Enjoying the Security of the Tomatangel ('Thank You for Protecting my Lamp')". I also so much enjoy the weirdness of the fact that the woman is holding (tightly?) onto a lamp and the angel is holding a precious infant. One of the practical considerations is writing the title on the piece or the mat. Hope you enjoy both the work and the title!

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