Saturday, June 19, 2021

periodic hiatus

If you look back at previous posts on this blog, you will notice that my posting history is cyclical (sounds better than "sporadic", doesn't it?). I think it is natural, when you are not a "full-time artist", to do more creative endeavors when other responsibilities ebb and flow -- which they often do in academics. Interestingly (I suppose), the end of a LONG year-and-a-half of stressful teaching-during-COVID ended in the middle of May, and yet I have not been very active creatively or on this blog since. This time, unfortunately, my hiatus coincides with a bout of depression that I am experiencing. Strange how depression works. It's irrational, for sure. I have SO many thing NOT to be depressed about -- my life is generally pretty excellent. But alas. And so I am working things out, I hope. Last night was the first time I have been in the studio for a while; and I "re-entered" by doing one of the things I like to do -- looking through old stacks of individual pages I have ripped from magazines and books over the years. I ofetn have forgotten about interesting elements that I have collected over the years. I've made posts of these sessions before, and I think they're fun. So here's the latest installment.

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